Consists of the Spanish photographer Raul Hidalgo and the filmmaker  Eduardo Gion.

They created in the year 2013 The “WAMS” stamp of the birth of a new concept of art. Working whith each picture, part or frame of film in a traditional way, as if on a canvas. Experimenting with new techniques, media and formats, all in an analog way.

Artists and publishers have claimed and worked in many of their works. As in the case of his new project that combines photography and film, and will participate in the artists of the stature of Bibbe Hansen, David Croland, Mathiue Landais or Michael Alig, among others.

The ART is reborn with WAMS.



Photographer based in Barcelona, always works in analog, your photos are created as unique pieces, totally artisanal.

Recreates landscapes and characters where the play of light and shadows give a natural poetic touch to their work.

His passion for the classic cinema impregnates his photographs of relating and  aesthetic film as Dreyer, Bergman or Pasolini.

Specialising in portraits of anonymous people and celebrities.

Its inception recreates the world of nightclubs and the kids.

Contributor to magazines such as Paraiso Magazine, TenMag, Neo2, Odda Magazine, Candy Magazine, among others. Because of its objective have past artists of the stature of Greg Gorman, Bob Gruen, Mathuie Cesar, Jonas Mekas, Bruce Labruce or Manuel Outumuro…

Currently creates the signature Wams along with Eduardo Gion by creating a new concept of art and craft analog.


Filmmaker, theater and documentary.

For several years working as an assistant director of short films and feature films in 35mm.

His documentaries have been shown at Festival de Cinema de Sitges, New York Film Festival, Portland Underground Film Festival, San Francisco Film Festival, and others.

Worked at events “080” in Barcelona, collaborating with photographers Miguel Villalobos for the production of the tribute to Thierry Mugler.

Writes and produces reports for magazines “Candy Magazine” to Luis Venegas in their issue Nº6  and Issue Nº 7 plus two new stories for their next issue.

Also works for the magazine “Paradise Magazine” in its next issue of June 2014 and Ten Magazine, Odda Magazine, Neo 2, and others.

Currently creates the signature Wams along with Raúl Hidalgo by creating a new concept of art and craft analog.